Linde H25D 1220

  • Brand:Linde
  • Fuel:Diesel
  • Model:H25D Rough Terrain

Hydrostatic drive fitted with rough terrain pneumatic tyres.

Kubota Diesel or LPG engine

Ideal for fruit growers loading bins, industrial and building sites where a standard conventional forklift will not operate.

2 Stage or 3 Stage mast options available




The Linde hydrostatic drive train creates it´s high efficiency and low service cost level by making critical components like clutches obsolete. The generative braking behaviour of the truck through it´s hydraulic system reduces the use of the trucks brakes lowering the parts wearing caused by mechanical brakes.

The unique Linde hydrostatic drive system makes the maximum transition of power and torque output from the engine to the drive wheels turn the truck into the most efficient machine for harsh and difficult working environments.