T16 Right ec-H2O

Tennant T16 Ride-on Scrubber

  • Brand:Tennant
  • Fuel:Electric
  • Model:T16

5160 sq m Estimated coverage

4 hours run time

114kg main down pressure

225L recovery tank

190L or 280L solution tank

68-71 dBA

1065mm squeegee width

Battery powered, charger onboard



Reduce your cost to clean with this battery-powered ride-on floor scrubber, designed for quiet operation anytime, anywhere at 68 dBA. The floor scrubber’s user-friendly design and Touch-n-Go controls ensure easy operation and three sustainable technologies are available to minimize the rider scrubber’s environmental impact: ec-H2O technology, FaST® Foam-activated Scrubbing Technology and ES® Extended Scrubbing.